The Judges

  • Judge Owens

    Judge Clark V. Owens II

    Judge Owens was slated to try the late Dr. George Tiller. Owens denied Tiller's motions to suppress evidence and refused Tiller's request to drop the 19 criminal charges filed against him.

  • Judge David King

    Judge David King

    Judge King was asked by the Kansas Supreme Court to preside over a secret trial where Planned Parenthood sued Phill Kline. After the trial, Judge King issued a report in support of Mr. Kline's investigation and opposed to Planned Parenthood's accusations of ethical violations.

  • Judge Richard D. Anderson

    Judge Richard D. Anderson

    Judge Anderson was the records custodian for the redacted abortion files, and he oversaw Phill Kline's entire investigation of the abortion clinics.

  • Judge Owens

    It would certainly not be necessary for an investigator to give detailed explanation to a state agency as to the direction of his investigation in order to request access to records. Revealing the object of the inquiry could jeopardize the investigation.

  • Judge King

    His purpose was to attempt to use the registration records to obtain the identity of WHCS patients who were minors ... as such patients were potential crime victims.

  • Judge Anderson

    The materials were evidence Kline could use in his role as Johnson County District attorney. I didn't want to take evidence of potential crimes out of the hands of a prosecutor.