Insight into the ten claims against Phill Kline. The unsealed Record.

Disciplinary Administrator Stan Hazlett claims Phill Kline violated professional ethics when he investigated Kansas abortion clinics from 2003-2008. Mr. Hazlett is asking the court take away Kline's license to practice law.

Kansans For Justice has reviewed the briefs and the arguments of Mr. Kline and the Disciplinary Administrator, and now presents them to you.

the file
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It was public knowledge George Tiller performed illegal third-trimester abortions.

Read how he escaped criminal charges.

Read how the Sebelius administration destroyed evidence to protect Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood committed felonies to cover up misdemeanors.

Read how the Sebelius Administration destroyed the evidence.

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She signed off on abortions for hundreds of patients she had never met.

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